Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too long...

Been a long while. Sort of gave up on making a comic due to time constraints and lack of ideas. Will post other stuff here.

Im also going to change the name to something far simpler. Probably "Draconic's Blog" or something.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Comic

In honor of Veteran's Day, I decided not to really post anything to do with the comic's story or style. Instead, here is a dedication to the veterans of all wars.

This can also be considered a test of what future comics will look like. I am figuring out everything for a story and how to correctly make the comics. Another update or comic may come out whenever I am done.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Yes, what a strange name it is. And yet, it actually means something. Ardeecioh comes from the phonetic writing of RDc0, which is Base64 for D74. Out of all the translations I tried (binary, hex and decimal), Base64 is the one that looks and sounds the best. D74 is in turn an abbreviation of Draconic74, my Xbox LIVE Gamertag and username for most internet related things. I suppose I will use this blog to post whatever I feel like. The next post will probably be a comic using Halo 3 for pictures. I was inspired when I saw a comic using Halo 3 and wondered why I had not thought of it earlier.

Reclaimer Comic

I have always wanted to make Machinima (videos using video games for scenes, props, and actors), but didnt have the software until recently and still do not have all the hardware or actors. At one point I was inspired to make a comic using Halo as a reference, but when I could not come up with an original artstyle or consistent drawings, I gave up. Now, using Halo 3's screenshot ability, I am going to attempt comics again. Eventually Bungie will give users the ability to convert Halo 3 film footage to computer useable footage with their Bungie Pro service. Until then, I will be making comics. If they fail, I am completely certain this site will fall into disrepair and neglect, as many others have done in the age of the Internet.